I absolutely love the ending of this story. And maybe a little lesson for some of you 🙂

Eric here is a coworker of mine, super great guy with a couple of kids, now with a lovely wife, pregnant with her first child. It took him some convincing to get her to see the importance in capturing this beautiful time in her life. Really to agree to take photos of herself when she is feeling tired, bloated, “fat”, insert more pregnancy emotions here. She was a bit skeptical, like many people are, wondering if it really matters to capture these moments. It DOES people! I got a sweet note from Eric the other day telling me how much she adores the images we shot and how grateful she is that he talked her into doing it. That’s why I love doing this. I believe that the milestones in our life, or just your everyday, should be celebrated and frozen in time with photographs. Later on you realize the importance and get to pass those moments down to the next generation. I would love to have photos of my parents pregnant with me, I don’t, but this little one will 🙂
Enjoy some shots from this early morning, warm and sunny maternity photo shoot at the gorgeous Libby Hill Park in Richmond, Virginia.


Bring props to your photo shoot! I just adore these sweet little suede shoes 🙂dsc_3840-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park trt_2714-lumpkin-maternity-baby-bump-richmond-virginia-family-photographer-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-parkdsc_3863-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park trt_2458-lumpkin-maternity-baby-bump-richmond-virginia-family-photographer-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park

My favorite prop, when someone wants to bring an instrument! And this little ukulele was perfect.trt_2517-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park dsc_3878-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park trt_2533-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-parktrt_2556-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-parktrt_2580-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-parkdsc_3842-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park trt_2574-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park trt_2672-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park trt_2702-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park trt_2768-lumpkin-maternity-tina-take-my-photo-libby-hill-park


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