Photo sessions with high school seniors are one of my favorite things! And this one was no exception. Olivia was such a joy to shoot, and what a smart and wonderful young woman she is! We started with her love of tennis with some fun shots at the Woodlake Swim & Raquet Club, then moved along to the beautiful waterfront area to get those sunny, glowy portraits I just love so much 🙂

Enjoy the images, thanks for taking the time to check them out. Please email me if you have any questions of would like to work with me! 🙂

High-School-Senior-Portrait-Tennis-Richmond-Midlothian-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-2016-Seniors-RVA-01Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-2016-Seniors-RVA-05Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-Sunset-2016-Seniors-RVA-09 High-School-Senior-Portrait-Tennis-Richmond-Midlothian-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-2016-Seniors-RVA-04

I was so happy to find this canoe sitting in the perfect sunny spot, what a great prop!Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-Canoe-2016-Seniors-RVA-08 Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-2016-Seniors-RVA-06

Green lace and pears were such a lovely feminine choice for her third set of portraits 🙂Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-Lace-Dress-2016-Seniors-RVA-10Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-2016-Seniors-RVA-07 Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-Canoe-2016-Seniors-RVA-13Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-Lace-Dress-2016-Seniors-RVA-11

This was one of our last shots and perfectly sums up her personality and the fun shoot we had. Good luck Olivia, I know you’ll do great things! 🙂Sunny-Fun-High-School-Senior-Portrait-Pose-Brandermill-Virginia-Photographer-Woodlake-Lace-Dress-2016-Seniors-RVA-12

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I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you live in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area (or if you don’t!) I’d be honored to shoot with you! To book a session or just to say hi, send me an email, I’d love to chat!

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