Tips from a Professional Photographer to avoid awkward hands.

IS THIS YOU? I promise, It’s MOST people as soon as they step in front of my camera!

Don’t worry – I won’t let you be like Ricky Bobby.

Of course, it’s never truly this bad, although in your head it may feel like it is because this is a big concern for most people.
You step in front of my camera and immediately say, “What do I do with my hands? I’m so awkward, help!”
I had someone comment on my Instagram reel that they seem to forget how to look like a person as soon as they start to record a video. And it’s oddly true! We become like aliens trying our best to do what a normal person does. Why is this? I think there are a few simple reasons.

  • Most of us are simply not used to being in front of a “real” camera.
  • We immediately put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way because this content is meant to be shown to lost of people.
  • When it comes to solo photos of ourselves, unless they are “selfies”, we dont have a lot of those.
  • Most photos we take are with other people and are candid, so we don’t feel as nervous.
  • When you are standing in front of a camera, by yourself, the intimidation kicks in and you need guidance on how to stand, where you place your arms, hands feet, smile, etc.
  • Do not panic. I know how you feel, and I’ve got you taken care of!

I’m here to guide you through it. But – here are some tips to get you started and keep in mind:

Tips on what to do with your hands during your photo shoot:

✅ Never let your arms just hang down both sides of your body, when in doubt, bend one arm. Use your pocket, hip, back, etc.

✅ Keep moving is key. The longer you hold one position, the more it becomes unnatural.

✅ Props are lifesavers! Something to hold, even as simple as a pen, can make a world of difference.

✅ Keep doing an action. Typing, reading a book or simply moving something from one side of the table to another. Keep moving, keep doing and keep smiling!

✅ Trust the photographer. I’ll let you know if you need to make an adjustment, I’ll give prompts and direction to guide you through. We’ll try different things, because you never know what will end up looking amazing.

✨You’ve got this. And I’ve got your back, it’s a big part of what I’m here to do.

Also, I’ve compiled these tips into a free “cheat sheet” for you!

Watch my Instagram REEL on the topic below!

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