Tis the season for Holiday photos! These are some of my favorite sessions. First off, because it’s always nice to get into the spirit, and these are always quick and super fun sessions where we so easily get to play with colors and themes. And another common factor is that the animals are often included in these, which I love so much!

So I met this lovely couple down at Forest Hill Park in Southside Richmond this weekend for a fun little Christmas card session. We got lucky with a gorgeous day and some wonderful warm winter colors in the air! Her dogs are so adorable, and were very well behaved. I cant believe we actually got them to sit still for a few doggie portraits! Such cuteness.


Look at them, don’t you just love it?!TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen8


Magen, you are so gorgeous and sweet with your doggies!TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen4a  TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen2a

TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen3bAbsolute fav! I love getting to capture genuine moments.TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen7

TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen6aTinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen5a TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen6 TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen5 TinaTakeMyPhotoHolidayMagen10


“The End”

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