June 2nd – June 15th is Project Life 365 weeks 23 and 24! Looks like I might have to stick with the 2 weeks at a time post. Things have been super busy as always, but we’d been planning a big party for my 30th – eek! It wasn’t so bad leaving my twenties, it was actually a ton of fun, and the day before my birthday my boyfriend of 8 years finally decided to give me that ring I’ve been waiting so long for!! So that’s been taking up the majority of my time, there’s so much to do! But in the meantime, here are my daily inspiration photos-

Day 153: #unforgettable. Every wedding I shoot means something special to me besides getting paid. I connect with the emotion and energy of the day and strive to create something for the couple to remember and treasure always.

Day 154: #masterpiece. In an attempt to avoid showing a piece of art, which is the first thing that comes to my mind, I instead will show a piece of cheesecake my mom made for my birthday. She always makes it and it’s always so so good!

Day 155: #action. One of those days I spend most of my time setting up lights and c-stands. Action!

Day 156: #bliss. I like to try and stay very open minded, I feel that people should be able to be who they are and do what they love to do without judgment. I truly hope someday everyone will have acceptance of those that are different than themselves. When they have that freedom is when you find bliss.

Day 157: #cement. I just love that little piece of grass popping up from the parking lot. Nature won;t be stopped.

Day 158: #creature. I found this guy as I was clearing out weeks in my yard. I love him so much!! So beautiful. I’m guessing it is some sort of millipede? For size reference it was probably a bit larger than a silver dollar.

Day 159: #too much. After Ben came home with all of the groceries for my birthday bash I realized we were about to indulge a little too much!

Day 160: #start to the day. I’ve mentioned how much I love to be by the water many times, and there is no better start to the day than sitting in the sun listening to nature!

Day 161:#compact. It’s hard for me to do anything around my house without Sadie tagging along. So there she is in my compact.

Day 162: #new. We drank a yummy bottle of cava in celebration of our engagement. To new beginnings!

Day 163: #old. Old rundown sheds and barns, anything with peeling paint and rust is appealing to me. Especially because they almost always have some gorgeous weeds or flowers sprouting from them.

Day 164: #a treasure. This is pretty silly. But I was at Target and went to find some almonds, I always just get the plain ones, and saw coconut flavored! OMG! So I had to buy them, I should have stocked up, they taste like paradise in a jar!

Day 165: #fashion. My BFF made me these awesome earrings out of buttons, so cute!

Day 166: #different perspective. This is actually the blanket on our bed. The main reason I bought it was for the pattern in the fabric, it reminds me of a type or architecture I like, lines going in all different directions.


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Thank you for reading 🙂