I don’t often share my NBC12 work here, but we had so much fun with this one, I couldn’t resist! Plus, it’s a good showcase of a little photography and Photoshop magic 😉

NBC12 always does promotion for the Richmond Jazz Festival. It is a huge, amazing event that we sponsor every year. I was assigned to recreate two jazz album covers with our weather and traffic anchors for our ad in their program. We liked them so much that we kept adding more and more anchors to the list to get their own album covers.

 I put them into this slideshow below. Do any of these look familiar to you?

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I had so much fun picking out the albums with my manager and directing our talent into these poses, many that felt ridiculous and awkward in the moment but luckily they trusted that we knew what we were doing! Everyone was an amazing sport in working with us on these!

My favorite part I must say was studying the images to try and recreate the lighting. My co-workers and I did lots of experimentation with different lighting scenarios in front of our studio green screen and stood in posing for each other for some very silly practice shots. It really got the creative juices flowing, which I think is so important. Although this was as assignment, I was able to really run with it and it almost felt like a passion project for the week.

I then took the images into Photoshop where I adjusted every slider possible to match the originals as closely as I could. Then added lots of wear and tear with some special brushes and digital painting. I found a few amazing overlays of worn album marks and torn edges that worked out wonderfully.

And coming up with the text was a fun challenge that we all weighed in on. If you notice, I changed what every tiny logo and bit of text said on each one to relate to the individual somehow. We were able to really get creative with that.

Now, after all that was said and done, there was a joke going around that we should recreate one of those Time Life album collection videos. Do you remember seeing those on tv? They were the best, so cheesy. I remembered that we were supposed to submit a video to the Jazz Festival that would play on their big screen throughout the day. We then realized that we had no choice, we had to make a fake album collection commercial.

We really had fun with this one and it has been getting an amazing response since we sent it out Today. I love when you find a creative way to promote your product without it feeling like you are trying to sell something. Which is funny to say here, because we are literally fake selling something! Also – I dare you to call that number 😉



Here is a comparison “key” of the original and recreated album covers. Were you able to recognize any of them?

nbc12 jazz album covers

And lastly, there was a great little article written about this promotion on TV News Check, which is awesome. Check that out here.

I also want to write a quick thank you to everyone involved in this. It was a small project that became big fast! My team did an outstanding job in helping make this happen and the anchors were amazing in their positive cooperation and trust in us to do this. I appreciate you all and am honored, as always, to work along side you.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the images and the video. And by the way, I would LOVE to do more of this kind of thing in my spare time, so if you have some awesome ideas that you think I would be able to work with you on, please let me know! I would love to create some amazing things with you!


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