April 14th – April 20th is Project Life 365 week 16! Vertical lines, beautiful cities and tragedy:

Day 104: #inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed my day spent in DC this week. There is so much beauty and history in this city. You feel a real sense of American pride in every direction. It will pump you full of inspiration!

Day 105: #redemption. Today was a tragic and difficult day. And ironically the inspiration word for today seems to fit. I chose not to take a photo, but instead make this image because my heart goes out to everyone in Boston and in the US today. I once spent a wonderful week in Boston for a graphics conference, and as soon as I was there I absolutely fell in love with this city. This all makes me so angry and sad. It was especially a long and exhausting day for me and my co-workers – not to even compare it to what people involved must have gone through today – but when you work for a news station it can be a lot to take in. We hear about it before the general public, we spend the entire day listening to and watching all of the coverage, live footage, soundbites, etc. I cannot change the channel and look away to get a break. We have to stay on it every second. And it’s hard to shake off once you get home. But we do it, all while feeling for the victims and their families. I can pretty much recite word for word each and every account of the day… I really will never understand why people want to harm others. It’s an awful part of society that I wish could be cured.

Day 106: #dangerous. Once large creatures roamed the earth that are no more. It must have been a sight to see and sometimes I wish I could have. so dangerous and so beautiful.

Day 107: #symmetry. The poor Washington monument is in braces from the VA earthquake, still shot down for repairs. But from across the pool it still stands tall and majestic. Perfect symmetry on a cloudy day.

Day 108: #hello. I pretty much talk to my computers more than people on a daily basis.

Day 109: #dedicated. Also fitting for this week. The police and emergency responders in Boston did an amazing job with everything. So on my way to work I quickly snapped a photo of the local police station without getting pulled over for questioning 🙂

Day 110: #satisfying. I was very grateful to spend the day to sitting with my friends at a cookout, glass of wine in hand and unwind after this insane week.


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Thank you for reading 🙂