Hello again! I’ve made it to Project Life 365 week 4, almost the end of the month! I did realize yesterday though, that I’ve been calculating my weeks “wrong”! I went every 7 days, but since the year started on Tuesday, the first week was short… but good news is now I have the “official” weekly list right from the source, so I will be doing my blog posts according to that from now on! So there are a few photos below that were in my week 3, but that’s ok, you can look at them again! 🙂

Day 20: #currently_reading and Day 21: #dream were previously discussed, so let’s skip those!

Onto Day 22: #makes_me_smile. A lot of stupid and silly things fall into this category, and I really hadn’t found the one special thing today that made me smile enough. Then I turned to my silly photo of Dali from a magazine clipping that I have taped to my desk at work. Something about it always makes me smile! That mustache is wonderful and I just love his work, he’s amazing!

Day 23: #transparent. This is a fun one! I had tons of ideas. I love those days when the hardest part is narrowing it down. This “jellyfish” is from a really cool paper weight my mom gave me. It looks so pretty with the sun shining through, so I put it on a windowsill and took about 10 shots before I liked this one enough 🙂

Day 24: #faux. I was stuck at my desk ALL day with nothing great popping into my head, I was on the phone and looking at this fuzzy little palm tree I brought home forma trip at the beach. Since I’ve been missing the real ones this week, I thought it was fitting.

Day 25: #guest. Even now, as I write the word guest, I cannot, and I mean, cannot not sing “Be Our Guest…” from Beauty and the Beast! I loved that movie so much as a kid! Might have to go watch it soon… anyway, I was given these adorable guest towel and soaps and thought they’d be cute for today.


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Thank you for reading 🙂