April 7th – April 13th is Project Life 365 week 15! Here’s a little bit about my week:

Day 97: #macro. Shots with a macro lens make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! But, like I’ve said before I am using my phone for this project, so booo to this word in making it super awesome. And I still don’t have the olloclip I want! But I have to say I am impressed with apple when it comes to this camera, it can do pretty good when given a good operator 🙂

Day 98: #surrounding. I love negative space. And I love the sky and trees, sometimes I’m a little hippy-dippy I guess… But no matter where we are we are surrounded by the air and sky.

Day 99: #retrospect. I had my first root canal today…. not fun. The receptionist was pretty unclear about the three appointments I would have and this was supposed to be the “easy” one! Nope. Had to get super numbed up and sore bright and early and then spend the whole day at work! In retrospect, next time I’ll use a sick day.

Day 100: #upside down. Day 100, woohooo!! When I first met Ben, he was a bit of a “monkey” always swinging from something or doing a handstand. So my first thought for this word was to get him do one of his handstands he rarely does these days. And I really like the effect of turning the entire image upside down.

Day 101: #home. I don’t go downtown often enough these days, but when  I do it really makes me happy. I moved to Richmond for college and did not expect to truly call this city home. It has done me much better than I expected and I’m happy to have built a life here.

Day 102: #connection. In this modern world we are surrounded by endless electrical connections. These plugs and wires are necessary to what I do every day.

Day 103: #unconditional love. I feel that the connections we have with animals can be among the strongest in our lives. I don’t completely understand it, but I accept it fully and take comfort in the fact that there will never be judgement, hate, betrayal or any other bad thing people do to each other that makes me sad, and they will always give you love as long as you give it in return.

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Thank you for reading 🙂