April 21th – April 27th is Project Life 365 week 17! This one has lots of happy little things!

Day 111: #hahaha. I thought this was a silly one. And it was hard to find something “funny”, and I wasn’t surrounded by children’s laughter all day, which would have been very cute. My good friend gave me these silly magnet/finger puppets for Christmas of some famous artists, they are so cute! And always make me laugh when I look at them on my fridge.

Day 112: #eyes. I, like every other artist as I found out in college, has a bit of an obsession with the eyes. I used to draw them all the time and they are always what has to be tack sharp in my photos to pull the viewer in. But I wanted to not just take a photo of eyes, instead I found this mask, which is a bit of a different take on it. And it’s pretty and feathery which is fun 🙂

Day 113: #hands. Very similarly to my feelings on eyes is also with hands. It’s the thing people in art school feared the most. The dreaded task of drawing hands. Never bothered me though, I was lucky enough to be blessed with the ability. I even made some pretty awesome realistic 3d modeled hands once. Remember that Jewel song, “my hands are small I know…”? I haven’t heard that in forever, and don’t really even like it that much, but this kept making it run through my head all day, so I went with that concept.

Day 114: #heart. They’re really going with a theme these last few days… I have a cool stress ball in the shape of a human heart that I thought would be great, but it just didn’t come out well in the photos. I often draw little doodles when I’m bored or thinking, so I started drawing little green hearts, and decided to slap a cute little red one on my wrist as well – the whole heart on my sleeve thing. Could be a pretty adorable little tattoo…

Day 115: #homemade. I love making gifts, and receiving them of course! I have lots of little things around the house made by friends or family. These are some wonderful rope coasters I was given last year, they are my fav! Use them all the time.

Day 116: #eco. Simple, just wanted to go with some pretty flowers, we need more nature in our lives.

Day 117: #looking_in. I got a hold of some pretty good Nascar tickets, which is an experience all in itself. We hung out in the parking lot a while longer than most, which was lots of fun! As we were walking up to the gates, it had already started and we stopped to watch the flyover jets passing through.

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Thank you for reading 🙂