May 12th – May 18th is Project Life 365 week 20! Here are my daily inspiration photos-

Day 132: #a_trinket. I was visiting my mom for mother’s day and was looking at some of the sentimental jewelry she wears. The heart locket is pretty old, it has a photo of me on one side and my sister on the other. The silhouette necklace was a gift from me a few years back, it’s weird how much the mom and child actually look like us!

Day 133: #wander. Vines on walls are so pretty to me. I’m drawn to the organic nature of them and how they just wander up surfaces.

Day 134: #favorite. I have a few fun things on my desk at work to cut through the boringness… this is one of my favorites 🙂 he used to make noise, but now he’s just a paperweight.

Day 135: #good. So I had an idea for good, better, best. But I just couldn’t time it out right. I was going to use the image that I did manage to start with as “good”, for better I was going to do that same image but at sunset for “better” and then the sunrise for “best”.  Oh well.

Day 136: #better. So for better I almost got the sunset, but from my backyard when the light flows through the trees. I love that.

Day 137: #best. I discovered a beautiful peony bush in my yard, I was so excited to see the big beautiful blooms, that was the best!

Day 138: #makes_my_heart_sing. If you see this and it doesn’t make your heart sing, I just don’t know what to say to you. Sunbeams hitting anything just the right way just feels good inside. These were ugly weeds that were overtaking the yard, but for this moment they were a thing of beauty.


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Thank you for reading 🙂