I’ve been falling a bit behind, it’s been a super busy month! So I’m putting together two weeks in one post tonight to put an end to May. May 19th – June 1 is Project Life 365 weeks 21 and 22! Here are my daily inspiration photos-

Day 139: #currently reading. I’ve been getting a ton of magazines in the mail, and I really just cannot find the time to sit down and look through them. So lately I’ve been attempting to at least get them organized and flip through them. Pretty crazy when you don’t even have time to read magazines, right?!

Day 140: #real. We were outside doing some lawn work and found this cute little guy at the edge of the yard! Luckily Ben saw him before the lawnmower got too close, poor thing!

Day 141: #curious. I have a cool magnetic toy on my desk at work. It strikes curiosity, and the little pieces tend to wander wherever they want, curious little things.

Day 142: #souvenir. Some adorable building salt and pepper shakers from a good friend of mine.

Day 143: #secret. I love architecture. There’s something nice about when the lines match up in a simple but artistic way. This is one of the “secret” entrances at work most people do not use.

Day 144: #for the birds. My favorite bird feeder given to me by my mom. I can’t keep it full for more than a week, they go crazy!

Day 145: #fuel. A gas station in the dark, after hours. Do you feel it too? 🙂


Day 146: #favorite place. Right through the middle of Richmond runs the James River. Anytime I want to get out of the house and feel closer to nature there are so many perfect places by this river to chill out and decompress. Favorite.

Day 147: # ordinary beauty. Ordinary, yet so intricate. Flower stems, shadows, black and white. How more perfect can you get?

Day 148: #pink. I’ve been obsessed with the beautiful huge peonies growing in my yard. And the color is fantastic! It just makes me smile. My monthly dose of pink.

Day 149: #reflection. I have an empty fish tank that I really need to get around to filling back up since we moved… but I wanted to play around with the glass bottom. Not realizing I would end up getting double reflections of my cute little tower.

Day 150: #edgy. Crabs are delicious! I try to have them whenever I can, this one was very “edgy” :).

Day 151: #real life. There are days when you just get rained out.

Day 152: #you today. This is a silly one. My mom was visiting, and we really do not have a good picture of us in front of our house yet, not that this is a “good one” lol, but that’s me today!


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Thank you for reading 🙂