Week 8 of Project Life 365 is coming a bit late this time. It’s been such a busy few weeks where I’ve barely touched my home computer, and I can’t really even say why. Probably because we were wrapping up the end of February sweeps at work, short on help, but still managed to help with the win! Keep watching NBC12 all you local people! This collage is really a hodgepodge of sorts, I like when I get some variety in there, even though, yes there are two cats…

Day 48: #shared_space. This could be so many things! And I couldn’t really come up with a great idea. Most of the shared spaces in my home between either me and Ben or the cats just don’t seem that interesting. So I snapped a shot of some of the cute old cameras I’ve been collecting. Pieces from different decades sharing one space. They don’t have too much room where they are now, but I just bought them some lovely new shelves!

Day 49: #best_dressed. I couldn’t resist. I love my little Sadie with her perfect Tuxedo pattern! She’s best dressed all day long.

Day 50: #more. It’s been a rainy week. I love how the drops look on my windshield.

Day 51: #in_my_bag. It was hard for me – and most people it turned out – to not find some creative way to snap a shot of what’s in my camera bag. And I saw way too many people who cutely laid out the contents of their purse on a pretty background. Nah. So my other cat Oliver (the crazy one) always has a paper bag on the kitchen floor that he just tears apart. As soon as I unload the groceries, he gets a brand new toy. So we were playing this night, and he literally took one paw and his teeth and tore open a hole he could fit through. There’s a wild animal in my bag! Perfect shot.

Day 52: #freestyle. I wish I could have walked by some street performers today, but that’s a rare occurrence in my daily routine. But we do have many guitars in my house that are usually picked up for some freestyle on a daily basis. And I love the cool angles you can get on them with a camera.

Day 53: #tgif. What a long week it has been! This is one of my favorite necklaces I found for only about $9 a few years back. I was trying to figure out what to do for today’s photo, and I was playing with it – which I do a lot when I’m thinking – the arrow actually spins although it is not a real clock! And was thinking, there really is never enough time in the week, but I am glad Friday has come!

Day 54: #when_i_grow_up. For a lot of these challenges, I wish I had a kid to use, lol! But I don’t, so I have to be creative. I was driving to the bank this morning and it was rainy and foggy, but still a bit bright outside, so I took a detour to a park nearby to take some photos of the lake looking all spooky. Walking around, I saw these cute little baby trees in the grass!

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Thank you for reading 🙂