April 28th – May 4th is Project Life 365 week 18! Bright colors and some sunshine!

Day 118: #looking_out. I always feel bad that they can look outside all day but never actually go out there… But the one time we tried to let him be an outdoor cat he ran right into the street! Bad news.

Day 119: #type. I spend most of my day at work picking out the perfect font for whatever project I am working on. And if you have never done this before, it is one of the hardest things in the world!! I hate every single font, every time and I have about 300 of them. Some of you get it… So here is the mother of all type – Helvetica. They will never tire of it, easy to read, clean, and yes overplayed. And yes I use it often as well 🙂

Day 120: #yellow. The sunniest and happiest color out there! This is one of my favorite pics, I can just taste that pineapple! So juicy and refreshing.

Day 121: #you_today. It was a busy day like usual, but it was unusually beautiful outside today, we’ve had some crazy chilly dreary weather lately… so I very much looked forward to the one hour that I was able to feel some sunshine today (I have no windows in my office, it’s a sad thing)

Day 122: #nature. So many options! When I am by myself, I can spend hours on end snapping shots of nature. I love everything I see, it is impossible not to find simple beauty in all of it. I turned around and saw this beautiful scene in the back of a parking lot. It’s like the trees are on fire.

Day 123: #quirky. My dad recently bought be this adorable clock from a place call “Quirks of Art” in Williamsburg. I love it, so quirky indeed. The pendulum is a little film roll.

Day 124: #sport. I need to get a corn hole set so badly!!! Luckily I have friends who own them. It’s a fun easy going sport – my kind of workout! 🙂 oh – and “May the fourth be with you!” Happy Star Wars Day!


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Thank you for reading 🙂