March 31th – April 6th is Project Life 365 week 14! Here’s a bit of my thoughts on the week:

Day 90: #renew. Weather had been pretty strange around probably most of the US this year, winter has lasted so long! And every time we think it’s gone it pops up it’s head again. But there are some pretty buds starting to show on the trees, sign of springs renewal!

Day 91: #a_fool. It’s April fools day. I don’t think that I have ever really been pranked in a memorable way, nor have I ever tried to get someone really good. If I had the time and effort, I may, but that’s not the case… Anyway, I opened up this itty bitty jar of oh so delicious Guava Jam I got at the Honolulu airport. It is so so delicious. I know I said that already, but it really is! And you would be a fool not to think so 🙂

Day 92: #you_today. I have this cute little camera ring I bought a few years ago that I love. When we moved last August, I thought it was lots forever! One day it just was not there in my jewelry box where it lived. And this week, I was digging in some of the pockets of my camera bag, and there it was! I don’t remember ever putting it in there, but I was very happy to be sporting it today!

Day 93: #skyline.Any chance I can take a photo of a city skyline I will. And that was the plan for today, but instead we saw a ferris wheel poking out from behind the mall! This may be normal in some places, but never in this spot. It was such a strange thing to see! A lovely new addition to out skyline this week.

Day 94: #silhouette. I enjoy a good silhouette. When I look through my photos I find many of them. Something draws me in to shadows and outlines, brings me back to black and white loveliness. Walking through my old campus this week during sunset brought a pretty silhouette to one of my favorite buildings, and the statue to the left was an extra bonus. Today was another day that I had many options to choose from. See those below!

Day 95: #smells_good. One of my favorite smells of all time. Fresh baked bread. Heavenly.

Day 96: #unusual. We went to an art museum today, so I figured I’d find something unusual to take a photo of. Turns out it ended up being this cool metal sculpture out front with my silly man inside of it. He can definitely be unusual!

These are some of the other images I thought of using for silhouette. A skylight in LAX, a fire we made in the backyard, that ferris wheel again 🙂 And a super fun one of me and my mom playing with goldfish on the plane 🙂WebWeek14a

If you would like to follow along, I’m posting these daily on facebook, twitter, instagram, and 365Project. And of course here each week!

Thank you for reading 🙂