Week 7 of Project Life 365 is pretty delicious! There are many things that these daily images are revealing about myself, and as someone who really does not have sweets often, this week was an exception!! Next week I’ll have to throw some green stuff in there somewhere 🙂

Day 41: #lucky. Side story – Somewhere in a small photo album I have in an unknown location at the moment is a dried 7 – yes seven complete leaves! – leaf clover I once found as a child. There was one or two summers where in our backyard where I was either super lucky or maybe we have a radiation leak… I found tons of 5 leaf, a few 6 and the one mega 7 leaf clover. I was always excited about that. Well, I wasn’t about to take a photo of it this time! But I will have to find it again… Anyway, people are always surprised when I tell them I have never been a car accident. Something I hope stays that way! When I got my first car my mom gave me this little angel clip, and I’ve had it with me ever since. I don’t know about superstition, but something has always kept me lucky and safe!

Day 42: #tasty. I actually had this donut the week before I think, but it was so shiny and delicious looking I just had to use this photo today!

Day 43: #good_times. I really wanted a smiling photo of some happy people or something, but today was one of those days where we had some weird sweeps promos to work on and had no video to work with. When that happens, we must get creative. And we were more than happy to be forced to make milkshakes at work today! 🙂 So that’s always a good time.

Day 44: #steps. This is one of my favorite photos yet! I planned on taking a low angle close up pf my feet walking in the grass, but I instantly feel in love with the color of my front steps when I saw them! So when I came home for lunch and saw how me shiny shoes really made them pop, I decided they must be included today.

Day 45: #romance. The whole Valentine’s Day thing really is a bit annoying to me. But I have to admit it is a little fun as well. Especially when companies bring free pretty heart shaped donuts to work for free! I am a bit horrified that I have 2 donuts in this week though, since seriously, I might have one donut a year! They just happen to fall very close together this year 🙂

Day 46: #reward. I kept thinking “award” all day and had lots of great ideas. But they really aren’t the same thing… I put this one off until the next day. Today was an especially busy exhausting day! I was part of an organization for a ridiculous online “Harlem Shake” video we put together with the morning crew at work. You can watch it here – and you should, it’s awesome! So by 11:30 am we were totally done with the day, but still had a long 7 hours ahead of us! But instantly we got a huge positive response online and it felt pretty rewarding the next morning to see how many people have shared our video in less than 24 hours!!

Day 47: #heavenly. I’m not Buddhist, but that doesn’t stop me in the least from feeling the power of this amazing place when I walked upon this gorgeous, peaceful temple in Oahu. It’s pretty much impossible to not feel at peace and want to spend the whole day just sitting in the grass looking at this place, if you ever get the chance to check it out, don’t pass it up!!

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Thank you for reading 🙂