It’s starting to feel like fall and with that comes the Virginia State Fair. I don’t go often, and the last few times I went were in the afternoon, where typically it seems a little more messy and crowded and you get hot and sweaty waiting in line all day. But it transforms into something different as night falls, the lights begin to shine brighter, the cool night breeze blows in and the scene becomes whimsical and reminiscent of old times and magical moments. I was almost too excited this year to go to the fair by myself, with my tripod, only buying a ticket to get in and observe my surroundings. With the goal in mind to capture the movement and excitement of the fair rides at night. I walked around, set up my tripod and camera on long exposures and was thrilled when I saw these images pop up on my camera’s viewfinder!

I hope you enjoy these moments I was able to capture. Although you can’t see it, each of them are filled with people screaming and laughing, having a joyful evening, taking some time off from sitting at home watching tv and playing with their ipads. Breathing in the fresh night air and having fun with their family and friends. None of us get enough fresh air these days! Can’t you almost spell the popcorn and cotton candy??

And by popular request, I also now have each of these images (and more not featured in this post) available for you to purchase as prints here. I’m having trouble myself deciding which ones to hang in my house!


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