This is an extra special post because the baby and the mommy mean so much to me! I’d like to share with you my only sister’s maternity photo shoot.

I teased this about a month ago and now I’ve finally finished editing all of the images! I gifted my sister a maternity photo shoot when she came to visit me last month. She lives all the way across the country, so we are so happy we got to see her pregnant! So we planned to go down to one of my favorite spots by the James River in Richmond at sunset and get some beautiful images. There are a ton of huge rocks here so it’s perfect to get right on the river for great shots. It was a super hot day and we had to race to get there in time. But we made it! And the light and surroundings were just lovely.


JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (1)

Rita lived in Hawaii for a few years, where you spend a lot of time not wearing shoes 🙂 But there is something so natural and beautiful about being barefoot outside, don’t you think?JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (1)

This is one of my absolute favorites. We realized as I was shooting how much she looks like photos we have of our mom when she was pregnant!JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (9)JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (2) JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (4)JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (3)  JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (6)

I cannot tell you how excited I was about the depth of field I got in this location, lol. It almost looks like the trees were put in that perfect arch intentionally, nature sure can do wonderful things!JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (10)JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (5)   JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (8)

I always like to throw in some silhouettes when I have the chance. This sky was so great!JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (11)

And a few black and whites back at home were a must!JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (7)    JamesRiverMaternityPhotography (12)

And just for fun – Here’s one of my favorite photos of us when we were itty bitty drinking icees at King’s Dominion!


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