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Look inside this branding session of a local husband and wife candle making team!

I want to introduce you to Kena and Reggie, also known as Hill + River Collection! A husband and wife small business team who create hand poured, small batch candles that have been meticulously created to celebrate the scents of Virginia. And they smell sooo good y’all.

Reggie has a gift that can only be described as a super nosed, scent identifier talent. I’m honestly impressed by how he can pull out every scent note of whatever is in front of him, and figure out how to make candle recipes that actually smell like what they are named after. It really is an experience! One thing that really matters to them is the scent of a burning candle filling up a room and not dissipating too quickly, as many candles do. I like to burn them in my office, and I can still smell them hours later down the hallway. They’ve figured it out!

I first met Kena and Reggie a few years ago, when they knew they needed branding photos to kick off their website, and better tell their story on social media.

We initially did a half day Branding Shoot, starting in their home kitchen, and moving to an amazing local winery to show them doing other things that they love.

The focus was on them as a couple, the behind the scenes process, and of course product photos of the wonderful candles. And I came back once more the year after, for even more product photos!

Who is Hill + River?

Kena wants you to know, “We make candles inspired by the state of Virginia. They are wicked, hand poured, mixed , and labeled all in our kitchen 🙂 “

How was it working with Tina Take My Photo?

“The process was streamlined and easy. She was easy to contact and it was easy to get scheduled for the shoot. We loved the fact that Tina added creativity in with the shoot in terms of the usage of props. We wanted something that represented our brand, so since we make our candles in-house, she came to our home and made us feel so comfortable.”

How did you know it was time for a Branding Session?

“We knew it was time when we wanted to scale. We wanted to show customers and larger businesses that we could see ourselves working with that we really take our business seriously. We thought professional photography was a step in the right direction. Also, we knew getting professional product photos outsourced would save us so much time within the business. “

How have you used your photos in your business?

“We use our photos for everything! We use them for email newsletters, social media, our website, and marketing brochures.”

Where to find Hill + River:

Check out their website, Instagram or email them here! You can also find them at local makers markets around RVA! (this is a great way to sample ALL of their scents!)

Check out behind the scenes of our session in the IG Reel Below!

Need to update your branding photography?

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