February 24th – March 2 is Project Life 365 week 9! March already, wow! Hard to believe I am already 2 months done. The project may be getting easier in that it has become a part of my day like waking up and brushing my teeth, so remembering to do it has stopped being hard. Now the “what will I use today..?” is the hard part. But the fun part as well!

Day 55: #goodnight. I know I just said I’ve stopped forgetting, but this was the one day that I did! Plus when I saw the word, I didn’t get a great idea or inspiration. So as I was getting into bed, I remembered, and had to figure something out quick! Not crazy about this one, but I guess it’s not so bad. I was surprised at the amount of likes on instagram actually…

Day 56: #good_morning. Makes sense to be the next one. I love love love fruit! And I had a super ripe cantaloupe to cut up, one of my favorites! Juicy fruit makes for a good morning!

Day 57: #blue. Blue is a pretty common color around me. It is so calming and I have lots of blue glass and pretty things. I’m not sure why I did this one today, lol. But it’s a bit different.

Day 58: #nook. Barnes & Noble really stole that word didn’t they… I don’t even have one, but it just sticks in your brain when you hear this word. Out new house has two awesome dormer windows – i think that’s the right word – in my office. They are such the cute little nook!

Day 59: #handmade. No brainer! My mom made me the best handmade gift this Christmas. Last Christmas actually, I bought her a star wars craft book. And this was in there. So combining her love for R2D2 and crochet was a match made in geek heaven! She’s the best.

Day 60: #you_today. Scarves, purples, and window light. Things I like that felt like me today. 🙂

Day 61: #process. Today was a super fun day. I have a group of film making friends we call final.revised that I’ve mentioned a few times before. When we won the 48 Hour Film Project best film of Richmond for Summer League, we went to Filmapalooza in Taos, NM and met all of the other amazing winners from around the world. I wish I had my blog when I went… so many things to post about! Anyway, I met the team from VA Beach, JPixx, who ended up winning the entire competition! They were going to be in Richmond this weekend so we got parts of both teams together to try and shoot part of a short film all in one day. And we actually got some good stuff. So, coming up with an idea for a short, is a seriously hard process. But perfect for today’s word. Plus it happened to be our 1 year reunion from Taos! Fun.

If you would like to follow along, I’m posting these daily on facebook, twitter, instagram, and 365Project. And of course here each week!

Thank you for reading 🙂