March 10th – March 16th is Project Life 365. This week goes to 11! 🙂

Day 69: #doodle. As an artist, this word made me really happy! But I felt like I needed to do something really good for this one. All day I hoped to find it, but never really did… then I got home and looked at these old drawings I have not yet hung up in my bedroom. One is mine and one is Ben’s. From our life drawing classes at VCU. Boy do I miss those days sometimes. They all start out as a doodle!

Day 70: #smash. All I can think is the Hulk, and I wish we still had those “Thing” gloves lying around! So I found a sledgehammer instead, and a lovely crack in our patio.

Day 71: #roam. You know that old song…”where the buffalo roam…” cannot get it out of my head! This weekend I spent some time at home in Williamsburg, and I’m always excited when I get to see horses! They are just so pretty. And this white one befriended me a bit. I like to watch them “roam”.

Day 72: #message. It’s crazy to think that once upon a time people have to wait weeks, even months to recieve a message! We are so spoiled with instant notifications. But sometimes it’s a good thing 🙂 And I’m always up for taking a photo of my pretty blue bottles, I love how they look in the sunlight!

Day 73: #charmed. I put this one off a lot too, never really came up with anything spectacular. But I am loving these hooks that help me organize some of my ‘charms’. 🙂

Day 74: #beware. I do not know the origin of this sticker, but I love it 🙂 This is the door to our camera equipment closet at work. And no, you cannot have the code.

Day 75: #in_the_middle. Malcolm? No… but there is something about telephone wires in the sky… I like how they come together and make cool lines that tell a story. And my view where they all meet in the middle of the stoplight just worked out.

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Thank you for reading 🙂