It’s Monday night! Time for Week 6 of Project Life 365! Feb 3 – Feb 9, 2013.

I’m liking the tones in this week’s photo montage. From blacks to blues to browns and pinks. It almost has a natural progression. There’s something very interesting about that to me…

Day 34: #bedside. I was still feeling pretty sick that day, and I really wanted to do something nice with the morning sunlight that hits my bed. But I forgot when I woke up, then before I knew it there was no more sun! So I did this right before I went to sleep. I really like the lamp on my nightstand, but I didn’t want to take a boring photo of it, so I started looking from a new perspective.

Day 35: #daily_life. I kept picturing in my mind people in line at a coffee shop. But all I did today was go to and from work, then it was nighttime! Today I downloaded a really cool app on my phone that does slow shutter, so I kept playing with it while driving, being very careful to not look away from the road! And it came out with some pretty cool images, but I just couldn’t pick one perfect enough. When I walk from my car to my office, I often look up at that massive tower. And most of my day really does revolve around it.

Day 36: #arrangement. Flowers. All I can think of is flowers! But I don’t like that one, and I don’t have flowers… I actually had to google image this word to think outside of that! I wished I had some sheet music, but I didn’t. As you can see, most of these are just working with what is next to me, I’m too busy to go out and look for fun things most days. So I went for some low angles on my keyboard. The keys have an pretty interesting arrangement.

Day 37: #saved_up. I was going to do sea shells, it’s the only thing I can think of that I really “save up” or wine bottles, but I don’t want to look like a wino! lol. I love this little pile of money I have saved from France. And I really hope to be able to use it again someday, so I’m saving up for that. 🙂 Plus I think the bills are so pretty.

Day 38: #my_view. Again, with finding something at work! I can’t wait until daylight savings in a few weeks so I will have a little bit of light to work with when I head home. I planned to go outside when the sun was setting behind the satellites. I love how that looks, but today was all clouds and rain. No sunset for me. But our carport has some interesting architecture to work with.

Day 39: #center. So many things to choose from today! It took me a while to make a decision, putting all kinds of photos into instagram and testing out what they might look like! We went to a cool guitar exhibit at the Science Museum and there was so much beautiful craftsmanship! The center of this one pulled me in. So intricate and delicate.

Day 40: #adventure. We really did have an adventure today! Glad they put this one on a Saturday. 🙂 We spent the day in and around the Fan in Richmond, I spent all my time there in college, miss it so much sometimes! Started out at the Art Museum to see Chihuly – amazing by the way – then ate lunch, stopped by our old art supply store that is about to go out of business – sad! Headed over to Hardywood Brewery for a new beer release party. Then ended the night at the Republic for some food and drinks. That’s a lot for one day! While we were down there I had to snap a photo of these cute buildings on Main Street, I love their colors!


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Thank you for reading 🙂