Week 5 is done! Thanks for following along. It gets interesting to see the similarities (or differences) in each week’s board. Last week everything was bluish or grey, this week is much more colorful! This week is also when the “day numbers” stop being the same as the current date, and apparently I am the only one going by days, so good luck to me on that.

So let’s take a walk through week 5 of Project Life 365!

Day 27: #outside. I see that it was Sunday, but I cannot exactly remember why I must not have gone outside that day. I think I wasn’t feeling well, or it was just a cold a dreary day. But I used a photo I had taken on my phone from the week before in Hawaii. I needed a pop of color and warmth. These Birds of Paradise flowers were popular in the area, and so so pretty!

Day 28: #inside. Guess they had to throw the opposite in the next day… I looked all morning for something interesting ‘inside’ pf my house or office, but nothing… So then I decided I wanted to find something that I could look inside of. Still nothing! Lol, but I do have this really cute box I haven’t put anything in yet, and I really just chose it to take a photo of the pretty pattern.

Day 29: #red. I LOVE red! And as I was looking around my house, I was actually very surprised of all of the things I have that are red just in my kitchen alone! Even the red dust buster was sitting out. But I didn’t want to just throw together a pile of red accessories, that’s silly. So I let it sit for a while and went to work. At lunch I pulled out some strawberries, love them. And they are super red. So let’s put them in a bowl against my red dining room wall. Perfect and delicious.

Day 30: #innocent. I just knew this was perfect for anyone with a cute kid. And it was. I don’t have a cute kid. Or angel wings, or a sad puppy or any of the other crazy things I was picturing for this. While driving back from lunch a mean looking storm was coming, with some super fast low hanging clouds. So I took some photos at the stop lights. I figured if this storm comes down on us, we are all the innocent ones stuck in it.

Day 31: #grow. I really didn’t want to do plants, but I did just buy a lot of new house plants, and I’m trying to keep them happy. And I took a silly amount of photos trying to crop the leaves in an interesting way 🙂

Day 32: Ok, here’s where the numbers change! #You_today. This one again? I guess we can expect it every month now… and I find this difficult. And I wasn’t really doing anything super special today that I could say was “me”. But today was Go Red For Women Day. I used to have a ton of red shirts, but now they seem to be lost… but I do have these amazing red pumps that I almost never wear, so today was the day to bring them out! I also just got a fun timer app on my phone I wanted to try , which is very hard when I have 2 nosy cats around. They could NOT resist a device sitting on the floor beeping! They ruined every shot, except for this one perfect one where she was frozen from the noise! I love it, one of my favorite accidents. Also, Sadie being is my way is “me” everyday.

Day 33: #repetitive. I saw this in the list earlier in the week and couldn’t wait for it! I love patterns and shadows and architectural things. But I was feeling so so sick today, could barely even stand to move around, ugh! So I had to work with something within my reach. I guess the blinds worked ok, but I really wanted to do something more here. Oh well!

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Thank you for reading 🙂