March 3rd – March 9th is Project Life 365 week 10! Ten has always been a bit of a lucky number for me. And this week it was because they used one of my photos in their daily feature!

Day 62: #troublemaker. He may look innocent here, but this little guy causes more trouble than you could believe…

Day 63: #big_personality. This is the one that got me featured! It wasn’t an easy word for me. So I was looking through the photos I had taken in the past month on my phone, and thought something from this Chihuly exhibit might just be perfect, but which one? I chose this because although they all have huge personality, I liked the little people on the bottom helping to show how large this thng was, and it goes up so much high! Coudln’t fit it all into my screen at once. If you ever get the chance to see his work, I highly recommend it. So beautiful!

Day 64: #private. There is something about red lockers, file cabinets, I guess really any metal painted red that I really like. Found these upstairs at work.

Day 65: #daily_commute. Oh, how did they know? My commute this morning was a rare and treacherous one! There was a huge snow storm coming that was not supposed to hit Richmond, but it came right on in and hit hard this morning. I actually had to get a ride to work, and it was probably the right thing to do since my road had many cars in the ditches… but it was pretty.

Day 66: #over_there. When I made this collage, I really loved how this photo next to yesterdays were only taken days apart, but look like completely different seasons! Ah, Virginia weather… This is from a lovely park near my house. The fog in the trees bringing out the browns in the marsh was just gorgeous. I put a quote with this one – “You must cross to discover what could be on the other side (over there)” – I didn’t get that from anywhere specific, maybe I made it up, but I’m sure it’s been said many times.

Day 67: #dreamy. Anything with sunshine and palm trees is dreamy to me.

Day 68: #contained. Some things need to be contained or they will make a big mess… kernels are definitely one of those things, and I always have them on hand!

And here is the “daily fix” from March 4th that featured my Chihuly photo and 3 other beautiful photos for #big_personality.
Daily Fix Week 10

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